“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

New high-performance ATMs bolster Diebold self-service offering

Diebold Inc. has announced the addition to its self-service platform of a new line of high-performance cash dispensing and full-function models. The terminals feature a new intelligent cash-dispensing module that offers 50 percent higher cassette note capacity, a modern interface and state-of-the-art security features, according to a company news release.

This latest offering is the third new ATM line introduced this year by Diebold. The first two include standard market and extended branch functionalities, the company said.

According to the release, the standard line meets needs in high-growth areas with mass-market applications, while the extended branch line offers rich transaction sets and advanced functionalities that free tellers to focus on customer relationships.

The new self-service platform provides an end-to-end solution for financial institutions when paired with Diebold services and software, the company said.

Units offer a highly personalized self-service experience and are ideal for high-traffic, high-volume environments, where they can address a number of business objectives:

Optimize the consumer experience — Units feature ActivView, a secondary 7-inch touch screen that enhances privacy by transferring personal information from the primary display to prevent shoulder-surfing.

ActivMedia, a single slot, mixed media deposit acceptor, makes deposits fast and easy for consumers; ActivCore, an all-in-one PC, processor and display, combines high-performance and a larger 19-inch touchscreen to enable shorter transaction times and improved availability and ease of use.

Drive efficiencies — Terminals feature a new cash dispensing platform, ActivCash, which helps to minimize downtime and cash replenishment needs with 50 percent greater note capacity compared with competitor ATMs.

An ActivPower smart power management system promotes efficiency by reducing idle power consumption to less than 100 watts — up to 40 percent less than similar terminals. An individual module power control and battery backup system also simplify servicing and maintenance.

Enhance security — Advanced physical and logical security features help minimize fraud loss and protect consumer data. The new line uses ActivGuard, an intelligent alarm system that provides enhanced monitoring, protection from logical attacks through trusted computing architecture, and the ability to control third-party access to the system.

The company’s ActivEdge card reader, which prevents all known forms of skimming, is available as an option.

“We are encouraged by financial institutions’ interest in the high-performance capabilities added to our latest self-service family,” said Frank Natoli Jr., Diebold executive vice president of self-service technology. “Paired with our recently acquired Phoenix software capabilities and best-in-class services, the newest additions to our self-service family provide an end-to-end solution to address the needs and aspirations of our customers and their consumers.”