“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

A Window into Diebold and FITOS’ Liquid Crystal Glass Collaboration

FITOS liquid crystal glass


Collaborative innovation drives some of our most exciting projects. Innovation doesn’t often happen in a vacuum, but rather in close cooperation with others. We assemble the smartest minds and the most daring pioneers; and we find them in all different fields — both in and outside of the financial industry. Diebold is committed to collaborating with leaders in their respective industries to solve business challenges together.

Our work with FITOS is a recent example of how a group of self-described hackers, hustlers and designers worked together to incorporate a cutting-edge component into our Responsive Banking Concept (RBC) and Janus, one of our latest self-service concepts.

These innovations were driven by consumer priorities – convenience, security and self-service – and anchored in technology that provides anytime, anywhere access within a minimalized footprint.

As we iterated on these concepts, it was clear that we needed to address consumer privacy. That meant finding privacy glass that was innovative, flexible and matched the aesthetic of a reimagined bank branch. Enter FITOS.

FITOS becomes a clear choice.

FITOS is both a company and an acronym; the lean start-up, headquartered in Northeast Ohio, is a leading innovator in the liquid crystals field. “FITOS” stands for Flexible Indium Tin Oxide Solutions. Founded by Dr. John West, FITOS developed technology to essentially bring glass to life through the use of Indium Tin Oxide film. When applied to glass, this transparent conductive material can be customized to turn a window from clear to opaque instantly. FITOS invented a way to make this type of glass more user-friendly and customizable by individual organizations.

See for yourself.