“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

To TellerInfinity and Beyond …

Beyond Bank, one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks, has partnered with Glory Global Solutions, a provider of secure cash management solutions, to introduce tthe FI’s first TellerInfinity teller-assisted service solution at a branch in Adelaide.

Locally known as “Gloria,” the TellerInfinity solution merges many of the transactions performed via teller, website and ATM into a single in-store device, according to a press release.


The solution integrates with branch processes and provides a unique balance of self-service and personal interaction, Glory said. Members can carry out transactions such as multidenomination cash withdrawals; note, coin and check deposits; and bill payments and account transfers, with staff assistance available upon request.

Several devices can be monitored simultaneously by a single bank representative equipped with a tablet. The device not only provides information about the current transaction but also displays details about the customer’s account, allowing the representative alert customers to other services, products and promotions that might be of interest.

“Its applications for our members are virtually limitless,” said Beyond CIO Robert Aitken. “TellerInfinity offers flexibility that we have not seen before in retail banking and because it is not linked to any existing ATM network there are no fees or other hidden charges.”