“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

Custom Solutions for the EMEA Market

In search of the branch of the future, have you ever thought to yourself, this self-service terminal (SST) would be perfect if we just …

  • Could combine these existing functions in one SST?
  • Integrate this advanced technology to offer new services?
  • Added this specific feature that’s unique to our market?
  • Design it to support and even strengthen “our” brand?

Maybe you’ve thought, I need a customized ATM solution.

Or perhaps you have developed a visionary idea, and you need a partner to help you bring it to life.

We get it. We know there’s just no way to build one-size-fits-all solutions that will work for every financial institution (FI) anywhere on the globe. We know it because before we debuted our  new family of terminals, we spent years in the field, researching, asking questions and testing. We talked to retail bankers, tellers and consumers worldwide, and built a tiered approach to our new family of terminals, expressly creating a suite of solutions designed to meet a wide range of global needs. But sometimes, we know banks need something a little different.

Today’s FIs are in a completely different situation, as the industry has begun to transform. Retail bankers are reconsidering how to position in the increasingly competitive landscape, how they can build long-lasting relationships with consumers – and create truly differentiated consumer experiences. We find that when they enter into a large branch transformation project, they may come up with a vision that cannot be optimally addressed with a quality, off-the-shelf solution.

The EMEA Centre of Innovation (ECI), is a “workshop” style collaboration space where our experts connect directly with clients to customize and execute tailored terminals and self-service solutions.

Typically, Diebold’s sales team or advisory services team is already conversing with an FI, and through discussions of their needs, they bring these customers to the ECI and its partner space, the EMEA Solutions Centre. We conduct a series of collaborative sessions to understand their branch transformation plan, their vision, how they want to position themselves, what user experience they are aiming for.

We approach this engagement as a specialized service to our customers, and not just a “hardware solution.” The end result may well be that we ship a product out the door, but until we get to that point, the focus is on the needs of our clients, and how we can best solve their unique goals as well as the pain points. It’s a totally different type of conversation than many retail bankers might expect from Diebold.

Once we reach the point where we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of the bank and a clear view on the solution to be developed, the real fun begins. With an unmatched focus on speed to market, our team brings the designs to life, developing and building the new SST on-site. It’s a capability that’s unmatched both at the level of speed and quality in the current self-service marketplace, with an output of solutions that is unprecedented.

With UBS AG, we designed and built 400 cashless-transaction self-service units for the banks’ 300-branch network across Switzerland. The customized terminals offer bill payments and asset overview, among other advanced functionality.

In an engagement with Al Rajhi Bank, we built a self-service terminal that included both a card dispenser and a checkbook dispenser. These features are so unique and surprising to consumers, we’ve seen videos pop up on regional social media of people filming the transaction on their smartphones.

That’s the kind of surprise and delight you don’t often hear in the retail banking transaction world, and it’s the kind of result you get when we innovate collaboratively.

Dirk Buffel