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Get a baseline understanding of where your organization’s security weaknesses are and build a roadmap.

Information Security Solutions

Bankers Equipment Service provides a comprehensive information security assessment score that reveals your bank’s or credit union’s compliance with FFIEC regulations.

With our help, you can get a baseline understanding of your organization’s security weaknesses, build a roadmap, and track improvements for the security of your financial institution over time. Be prepared for federal exams now.


Our Approach:

  • MEASURE your organization’s risk and expose vulnerabilities in your information security program. 

  • ROADMAP necessary changes to improve your organization’s security posture in the most effective ways

  • INFORM your leadership with meaningful high-level reports, your management with a trackable plan of action, and your IT team with detailed steps to remediate problems. 


AD Password Auditing, Microsoft 365 Assessments, Wi-Fi Assessments, Tabletop DR Exercises, and more!

What Our Customers Say…

Jarred Preston - St. Clair State Bank

“Everything went really well with our security assessment. I have to say your security consultant was an absolute pleasure to work with and by far the best lead guy I have ever had on these projects.” 

Charlie Walsh – F&M Bank and Trust

“We were extremely pleased with the testing process.” 

Dean Lukes – Foresight Bank

“I cannot think of anything that you could do to better our overall experience. We are very pleased with what we have received from Bankers Equipment Service.” 

Joel Schmitz – St. Martin National Bank

“I liked that I was able to visit with experts about the results. Easy to understand report. Job well done.” 


Your Step-By-Step Process To Identifying The Security Risks Posed To Your Organization


The people part of information security, administrative controls are primarily procedures and policies that guide employee actions. 

Physical controls are the means and devices to control physical access to sensitive information and protect the availability of the information.  

Internal technical controls segment your network from the inside, ensuring that if someone did get in, they wouldn’t be able to get far. 

External Technical controls protect your financial institution from the outside world
and are traditionally
what people think of when they think of cybersecurity. 

Social Engineering campaigns offer your team the ability to reject phishing emails and pretext phone calls. 

Scanning internal and external technical controls, our security experts will make ethical attempts to infiltrate your network and systems. 


How Confident Are You In Your Security Posture?

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