“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

Online Teller Systems

Our PC-based teller automation systems are designed to help banks increase the effectiveness and return-on-investment of their branch operations and bank productivity. The three main components are EZTeller®, EZId® and Superview®.


EZTeller® is one of the most powerful and feature-rich teller automation applications available. No matter what your bank’s teller needs are, we have the teller software for your bank. EZTeller is intuitive, powerful and robust in design with complete workstation redundancy that enables your tellers to work even if the server, host system or network loses on-line connectivity.

The easy-to-use, intuitive user interface of EZTeller® enables your tellers to provide faster, more accurate transactions and eliminates cash handling errors. With this simplified workflow, your tellers can turn their attention to customer retention, increasing product penetration and uncovering opportunities that drive profitability.

Benefits include:

  • Network deployment
  • Electronic journal
  • Detailed receipts
  • Create and maintain special alerts
  • Reports
  • Teller line image capture support


EZId® is a PC-based photo and document capture and retrieval system designed to operate in any type of network configuration. EZId can help combat fraud at the point of entry–the teller station. Using scanners and digital cameras to capture documents and images, tellers can identify customers accurately and quickly without creating longer lines at the teller window.

EZId® provides your financial institution with:

  • Photo/document capture and retrieval
  • ID verification at the workstation
  • The opportunity to improve productivity and service, while reducing fraud
  • No limit to how many types and kinds of documents you can use for identification


Superview® is an essential program for supervisors and managers, providing full access to all teller and branch information available in EZTeller®. It will assist management in running an efficient and productive operation. It allows you to set up and control a wide array of branch options; set security parameters, teller attributes, and much more.

Superview® enables your financial institution to:

  • Set up and control a wide array of branch options
  • Assign standard fees to the appropriate transactions and report any fees waived or modified
  • View a business day calendar
  • Review branch and teller cash totals
  • Utilize remote override and chat
  • Specify security levels by teller

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