IT Security

Is your IT vendor helping your bottom line…or theirs? Helping to Protect Systems from Internal and External Threats Security is an ever evolving challenge for all businesses – encompassing protections from viruses and malware, intrusion blocking and detection, web site blocking and even safe equipment disposal.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

There are many layers of security from physical security to ensure that computers do not walk out the door, to firewalls that protect the business against outside attack over the Internet. Some security measures are easy to implement, others may be more complex and take some thought as to how tight to make the security vs. the needs of the users for systems to be usable and easy to access.

According to Gartner Group, Eighty percent of [security] failures are the direct result of mis-administration and poor configuration.

Basic Security Questions:

  • Are the passwords changed after an employee leaves?
  • Are web sites blocked to reduce the risk of attack?
  • Are scans performed for malware?
  • Do the computers have virus protection?
  • Is there a secure administrator password?
  • Is there a up-to-date firewall in place?