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Modern cash centers face a whole array of challenges. Growing time and cost pressures demand greater efficiency through automation, while new services call for flexible processes, further expanding the requirements catalog.


Compact solution for tomorrow‘s cash centers

G&D‘s BPS C5, a cutting-edge banknote processing system that sets a new standard in cash handling efficiency. Designed by Giesecke+Devrient, a leader in currency technology, the BPS C5 is a reliable and versatile for casinos and financial institutions that demand precision in banknote processing.

The BPS C5 system optimizes work processes, reduces costs, and enhances the productivity of banknote processing in a number of ways:

  • High-Speed Banknote Processing
  • Multi-Currency Capability
  • Advanced Counterfeit Detection
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Compact and Modular Design
  • High-Capacity Note Storage
  • Remote Management Capabilities
  • Reliability and Durability


Unsurpassed productivity for commercial cash centers

Our competence put to your advantage with the BPS M3

The BPS M3, a revolutionary banknote processing system designed to redefine efficiency, security, and adaptability in cash handling. Engineered by one of the foremost authorities in currency technology, the BPS M3 offers an unparalleled solution for casinos and financial institutions seeking a cutting-edge approach to banknote processing.

Benefits of the BPS M3 at a glance

  • High-Performance Banknote Processing
  • Versatile Currency Handling
  • Advanced Counterfeit Detection
  • Intuitive Touch-Screen Interface
  • Compact and Modular Design
  • Extended Note Storage Capacity
  • Remote Management Capabilities
  • Built for Reliability and Durability

Tabletop Currency Sorters

Glory’s UW Series High Performance Banknote Sorters | Glory’s UW-500 (4 stackers) & UW-600 (8 stackers) Currency Sorters were developed to improve function & reduce processing time after an in-depth analysis of banknote handling processes.

The UW Series of banknote sorters achieves correct and consistent levels of authentication and fitness sorting while keeping your operational costs down. The UW Series of banknote sorters offers you maximum flexibility with true modularity in a choice of 4 configurations to suit virtually any banknote processing requirement, today and in the future.

These powerful sorters deliver outstanding performance at very reasonable prices. They are Glory’s latest answer to the need for smoother, more efficient continuous processing of large amounts of banknotes. They will streamline your work process & slash operational costs.

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