Self-Service Kiosks

As financial institutions seek ways to increase efficiency and enhance their customer relations, self-service and assisted self-service technology located in the branch are seen as increasingly popular tools.

NCR SelfServ 80 Series (Interactive Teller)

Banking today no longer means just “going to the bank” and standing in line, it’s about transacting wherever and whenever your customers choose. It’s quick and easy transactions on ATMs, alongside digital and mobile banking options. For banks this means freeing up your tellers’ time so they can focus more of their efforts on high-value activities. That’s why we offer the SelfServ 80 Series of ATMs to deliver the experiences your tech-savvy customers expect, and that can transform your financial institution into a future-proof business.

Transform Traditional Banking

TellerInfinity™ by Glory offers a unique combination of powerful features that transform the way traditional banking services are delivered.  TellerInfinity enables your customers to do more for themselves, allows you to optimize your teller resources and makes smaller branches a reality. Combining improved customer experience with lower operating costs and increased resources dedicated to new product sales, TellerInfinity can transform the profitability of your branch network. 


Learn More On How To Free Up Your Teller's Time

If you are looking to re-invent the branch experience for your customers through innovative technology and creative design and if you desire to improve the customer experience and strengthen relationships, reach out to our branch transformation experts. We will help you identify the best way to move forward. 

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