“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

SMART Cash Management

Managing banknotes and coins is central to operations within the Retail sector and is an intrinsic part of both customer transactions and interactions. Developing a comprehensive cash management strategy is essential to optimizing staff efficiency, delivering exceptional customer service and ultimately enhancing profitability.

Optimizing Cash Management 

With a long heritage in creating and delivering unique cash management technologies and processes, our knowledge, skill and technology can transform cash management in Retail from a laborious , manual focused and expensive process into a  dynamic, customer supporting activity that ultimately adds to the bottom line.

Through our tailored cash management strategy development, BES enables customers to: automate manual cash processes to create more customer engagement time; perform real time cash balancing through intelligent drop deposit terminal and reduce the risks associated physical movement of cash-directly impacting your operational efficiency.

We provide cash management solutions that embrace the whole of the enterprise, working closely as business partners to identify your business needs and deliver a tangible return on investment.

Retail Point of Sale

Currency Recycler

CASHINFINITY CI-10/CI-100 Compact Cash Recycling System
Cash handling within the retail sector is costly and requires significant staff resources at all steps of the process. That’s why accuracy, efficiency and security are important. The retail sector is very diverse, and therefore a complete range of solutions is necessary to cater to the specific needs of each shop or chain store. ​

GLORY Retail Solution offers SMART cash management. It provides total secure closed cash handling, centralised control of cash inventory and optimization of all cash processes throughout a store. CASHINFINITY® is the most advantageous cash management system with remarkable flexibility and extensibility for retailers to fit any size of store, various business segments and each investment plan

Retail Back Office

Intelligent Currency Recycler

GLORY’s new RBG-300 iCR™ answers retail challenges by providing increased capacity for large deposits and transactions. Designed for back office cash settlement for retailers, till replenishment and easy end of day balancing. It utilizes intelligent bill tracking and internal auditing for optimum security.

The Largest Capacity of Recyclable Notes in the Industry Approximately 9,900 recyclable note capacity and a secure 4,500 note deposit only collection drawer provides for fewer change orders and armored pickups. Larger capacity designed to meet the high demands of cash rooms.

Treasury Management Recycler Processes cash drawers creating cash inventory. Communication directly to bank or armored courier to provide processing of cash drawers, provisional credit and till replenishment. Increased High Speed — Highest Speed in the Industry 10 notes per second deposit and withdraw means faster processing of deposits, withdraws and bill exchanges saving both time and money.

Internal Auto Verification Performs internal automatic verification to ensure balanced cash inventory.

Configurable Cassettes Configurable cassettes with auto load capability.


The CI-200 reduces the burden and risk of your back office cash processes. Automated processing of cash accelerates start and end of day processes as well as shift changes, reduces the risk of cash shrinkage, enhances the productivity of your staff and enables provisional credit where available.


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