Remittance Processing

Automate the data entry of account receivables through the use of a desktop check scanner and software that captures information from payment coupons and checks.

The Remittance Processing or Payment Processing Solution

  • Captures images and data from payment coupons
  • Captures images and MICR data from the accompanying checks
  • Electronically interprets the handwritten or printed amounts from the checks
  • Allows an operator to key-enter any unread amounts and assists in balancing each payment transaction
  • Prepares a batch file of the payments and corresponding account numbers for upload to the host accounting system
  • Prepares the electronic deposit file for transmission to the depositing bank
  • Keeps all check and coupon data and images in its archive for easy retrieval

Benefits Include:

  • Reduced processing labor costs
  • Elimination of courier expenses between branches or to the Fed
  • Elimination of the risk associated with paper item transportation
  • Faster clearing for non-local items
  • Expedited reconciliation
  • Fewer mis-posting errors
  • Improved customer-service responsiveness to inquiries
  • Ability to offer new, image-based services.

Time is Money…Automate it.

If your business uses payment coupons, you can benefit. Whether you are a government agency, utility, insurance, credit card or property management company, medical or dental office, service company or any type of business that hand or batch posts, we can demonstrate an affordable, quick, and easy solution to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with payment processing.


Automate Your Time with Payment Processing Solutions

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