“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

Coin & Currency Sorters

Our range of innovative, proven and compact money counters & sorters are designed for counting and reconciliation tasks in both front and back office environments, in banking, across retail and in the gaming sector.

Streamline Cash Processing

Bankers Equipment Service offers a sophisticated range of desktop coin and currency technologies that transform the way notes and coins are handled. They change complex verification tasks into fast, straight forward processes, ensuring that the count is accurate, every time.

Delivering unprecedented efficiency savings through speed and accuracy, their use results in a significant improvement in the availability of staff, allowing them to be re-deployed to important roles such as further customer engagement, problem solving and generating increased revenues.

Coin Sorters

Glory Mach 3/6/9

With best-in-class speed, the Glory Mach series is fast, accurate and versatile. The simplicity of the patented Figure 8 technology provides optimal and accurate counting and sorting. All Mach Series Coin Sorters are based on Glory’s tradition of excellence in the design and manufacture of coin sorting equipment.


Coin Wrappers

Glory WR-90/500

Glory’s high-speed WR-500 wraps large volumes of coins while the standard speed WR-90 is suitable for any size of operation. Robust and reliable, the WR-90/500 coin wrappers deliver you smooth and exceptional performance day-in and day-out, increasing efficiency and accuracy to speed up wrapping while minimizing errors.

Currency Counters & Sorters

Glory & Amrotec®

Glory’s UW Series of banknote sorters achieves correct and consistent levels of authentication and fitness sorting while keeping your operational costs down. AMROTEC® X-Series are the most Advanced, SMART and Up-to-Date Currency Discriminators with a dedicated Reject Pocket. X-Series equipped with the most comprehensive, user-friendly functions necessary for tellers and retail cashiers from low to medimum (X-1 Model) and High-volume (X-1000 model) cash handling environment.

Achieving a counting speed of 1,800 notes per minute, Glory’s GFB-800 is an advanced and configurable banknote counter delivering exceptional speed and efficiency. 

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