Cash Recyclers

As a certified dealer for the industry's leading cash recyclers, Bankers Equipment Service offers the largest selection of quality solutions in the region to meet the varying needs of our customers

Cash Recyclers Make Sense

Whether you’re looking to transform your branches or simply improve efficiency for increased profitability, our scalable family of cash recyclers will support your strategy.  The benefits of implementing cash recyclers are many:

  • Enhance the customer experience 
  • Increase efficiency, profitability & security
  • Eliminate vault buys/sells
  • Enable open plan layouts
  • Reduce start / end of day processes
  • Faster teller transactions
  • Redeploy staff to better serve customers

Cash Recycling solutions help drive down operational cost while significantly enhancing business performance.  Our state of the art cash recycling systems are easily incorporated into the branch and drive cultural, operational and process change.  

Glory RBG 100 cash recycler


Whether you’re looking to transform your branches or simply improve efficiency for increased profitability, the RBG-100 by Glory will support your strategy. It’s ideal for branches which want to reduce buys and sells with the vault, as well as those who process large deposits/ATM pulls/night drops and increase overall teller and supervisor productivity.

Key Highlights

  • Configurable Cassettes
  • Continuous Feed Entrance
  • Large Capacity Collection/Overflow Drawer
  • Serial Number Tracking for Inventory Management
  • Touch screen display
  • Recycle 5 denominations
  • Up to 17,100 notes of storage capacity

LTA 380

Use the power of innovative cash recycling with the new high-capacity LTA-380; a teller-friendly solution that delivers optimal efficiency, convenience and security. Elevate service levels and increase profitability at the same time.

Key Highlights

  • 8″ foldable touch screen
  • Up to 12 denominations recycling (multi country currency)
  • Up to 17,100 notes of storage capacity
  • Best in class security
  • High efficiency with smallest footprint in under desk design

Vertera 6G

Enabling open plan layouts, reduced start / end of day processes, faster teller transactions, redeployment of staff and enhanced customer experience – the Vertera 6G by Glory delivers.

Key Highlights

  • 7″ touch screen
  • Up to 600 notes of storage capacity
  • Minimal training time is required and quick user acceptance, resulting in less down time
  • Flexible banknote storage options with variable capacity, configuration and size
  • Fast and efficient banknote authentication, identification and fitness sorting

The Value of Cash Recyclers

Our cash recycling systems are a catalyst for branch re-design, enabling completely innovative layouts, delivering security within open plan environments and providing new and deeper customer engagement models, ultimately leading to increased sales opportunities and revenues.

Our solutions free up valuable staff resources, reduce error and eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

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