Remote Cash Capture

A new way to add value for your key merchant accounts. We have partnered with the leaders in retail cash management solutions to offer a turnkey Remote Cash Capture solution.

Value for the Financial Institution:

  • Generate Fee Income
  • Re-engage with your customers by taking back the strategic cash relationship from armored carrier services.
  • Streamlined processing, shared workflow and data to enable all participants greater access to information.
  • Control for ANY Size Merchant – Through the use of virtual vaults, you can manage the entire cash relationship for your business customers regardless of geographic location.

Value for the Merchant Customer:

  • Reduced armor carrier fees
  • Receive same day provisional credit
  • Improved cash flow and availability
  • Simplified in-store cash operations
  • Easier reconciliation at both the cashier and deposit level
  • Greater recycling of cash in the store
  • Increased security & efficiency of transactions

Intelligent Cash Recycler

GLORY’s new RBG-300 iCR™ answers retail challenges by providing increased capacity for large deposits and transactions. Designed for back office cash settlement for retailers, till replenishment and easy end of day balancing. It utilizes intelligent bill tracking and internal auditing for optimum security.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Remote Cash Capture?

The needs of your customers are changing. The growth in technology and the desire for more personalized in-person services requires your financial institution to change how it re-creates the branch experience.

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