“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!


Bankers Equipment Service is the preferred provider and certified dealer in the Upper Midwest for the leading ATM manufacturers, such as Diebold Nixdorf and Nautilus Hyosung.

Gain the Competitive Advantage

Advanced ATM technologies provide financial institutions the competitive advantage by automating routine transactions and reducing operating costs, while enabling staff to focus on sales and building customer relationships through a personalized branch experience. Contact us to learn how the latest ATM innovations can assist in your efforts to enhance efficiency, increase profitability and strengthen customer relationships.

Diebold Nixdorf CS9900 Cash Recycling System

Self-Service Efficiency Meets Branch Experience

Versatile free-standing unit, through-the-wall or integrated with a teller line for recycling and advanced functions to optimize efficiencies in the teller line or branch lobby.
Despite strong migration to digital channels, many customers still want to visit a branch to talk to someone when buying a product or seeking advice. In fact, more than 70% of new account and product sales still take place at the branch, and accounts opened at a branch tend to be more profitable. While customers are migrating to digital touchpoints, branches will likely retain their traditional status as advice and sales centers moving forward. As banks seek ways to increase cost-efficiency and enhance customer relations, self-service and assisted self-service technology located in the branch are seen as increasingly popular tools.

Diebold Nixdorf 7700 Series

Flexible Automation that Drives Customer Growth and Retention

The Diebold 7700 series offers the functionality and engagement consumers want. From cash and coin dispensing to intuitive deposit automation, the Diebold 7700 series is designed to appeal to even the most harried of consumers. It allows them to conduct their business quickly and efficiently, while dealing with the advanced technology they’ve become accustomed to in the retail environment—and it does it all securely and cost-effectively.

The Diebold 7700 series offers numerous features to streamline financial institutions’ operations: Automation of a wide transaction set allows staff members to focus more on relationship building. Data analytics allow for better planning and reduce the need for expensive repairs. Intelligent, vertically installed ActivCash cassettes are chip-enabled for storing critical information such as denomination, cash capacity, access history or even health status.

Nautilus Hyosung Financial ATMs

Advanced Technology, Diverse Functionality

Nautilus Hyosung supplies customized, high-end ATMs to leading financial institutions around the world, and these products are well received by our customers. The advanced ergonomic design and high quality of these ATMs provide customers with diverse functions that meet their needs, thereby keeping customers satisfied and increasing their value.

Let Us Take Your Financial Institution to the Next Level

The needs of your customers are changing. The growth in technology and the desire for more personalized in-person services requires your financial institution to change how it re-creates the branch experience.

Let us transform and automate your operations to lower your costs, increase your efficiencies and strengthen your customer relationships. Call us today at 952.890.6661 or contact us online to get started.