Experts in Branch Transformation

From maximizing your staffing model to implementing the right technology for improved efficiencies and stronger customer relationships, our team at Bankers Equipment Service is here to assist you with all your branch transformation needs. With over 80 years of experience serving banks and credit unions, we know what it takes to fully transform your branch to better meet the needs of your customers. We understand how to help you succeed and differentiate your institution from the competition.

Comprehensive Branch Transformation Services

Branch Transformation

We have partnered with global industry leaders to provide a comprehensive approach to branch transformation, which includes assessing:

  • Branch location & traffic: Which branch locations should remain and what hours they are operating? Are there key locations that you should consider opening a new branch or “mini-branch”?
  • Branch design and layout: The customer experience begins upon stepping foot in your branch’s door. What initial impression does your branch make? How easy is it for customers to find where to go or who to talk to?
  • Branch equipment: Self-service kiosks, currency recyclers, lobby self-service coin and more allow you to streamline certain services, freeing up staff time for more valuable interactions and branch tasks. Do you have the right equipment in place to best serve your customers and staff?
  • Strategic Branding:  Whether it’s a new brand, market position, advertising campaign, retail environment or all of the above, creating a brand to connect in today’s high-speed, short-attention-span world is vital.
  • IT systems: Innovative systems offer the utmost in branch efficiency. Do your IT systems meet your needs? If not, what are you missing?
  • In-person interactions: Branch transformation and automation allow your  institution to focus on engaging your customers with the in person interactions you offer.  Are there other offerings you should consider adding?
  • Branch talent: Do you have the right mix of talent in your branch? Do you need to consider hiring additional staff or reworking current staffing models to better utilize the individuals you already have in house?

What is Branch Transformation?

In short, the shift from traditional banking to a more customer centric retail oriented multichannel branch.

Reasons For Change:

  • Profitability is down
  • Increase in non-bank competition
  • Consumers demand anywhere/anytime banking
  • Branch traffic has slowed

The branch is still critical for more complex operations, though, so it is imperative to increase operational efficiency and sales opportunities by utilizing technology and branch staff more effectively.

Focus is on:

  • Reducing operating costs
  • Driving more traffic to the branch
  • Increasing sales opportunities at the branch
  • Using the branch staff more effectively
  • Utilizing existing technology

Branch Transformation & Automation Technology Solutions

At the heart of branch transformation is innovative technology that increases effciencies, profitability and decreases costs. Branch transformation allows for faster, on-demand services that customers have come to expect. Personalized & meaningful face to face engagements can help you strengthen relationships and improve sales effectiveness.  Reach out to our team to discuss implementing any mixture of branch technologies to improve your branch, including:

Cash Automation
Cash Automation
Lobby Self Service Coin
Self-Service Kiosks
Coin & Currency Solutions
Document Management

Once we identify the right technology to implement into your branch, our certified technicians will work closely with you to ensure a successful installation.  We will then work to help train you and your staff on how to get the most out of the technology using valuable industry knowledge & best practices. Our experienced and proficient service team will provide the ongoing service and support that is essential to get the maximum benefit out of your investment.  

Transform Your Branch

If you are looking to re-invent the branch experience for your customers through innovative technology and creative design and if you desire to improve the customer experience and strengthen relationships, reach out to our branch transformation experts. We will help you identify the best way to move forward. Call us today at 952.890.6661 or contact our team online.

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