AMC Theatres® Transforms their Box Office with GLORY Cash Automation Solution

GLORY is excited to announce that AMC Theatres has chosen Glory’s CASHINFINITY™ CI-10 – Compact Cash Automation System for their new Cash Accepting Automated Box Office. The Glory cash automation solution allows the AMC box office kiosks to accept cash payment, resulting in less guest time spent waiting to purchase tickets.  The solution increases convenience and choice for guests while driving efficiency for theatre box office operations.


AMC is leading the industry with the introduction of the cash accepting kiosk. Previously, box office kiosks across the nation were limited to accepting credit or gift cards, any guest with a cash payment had to forgo that convenience and purchase through the box office cashier. With cash purchases still used by many guests for box office transactions at AMC, the Glory solution is an integral component of the guest experience plans moving forward.


For AMC Theatres, this means more focus on allowing guests the freedom to select their showtimes and seats on their own.


“The cash automation solution will enable guests to use a kiosk for virtually any ticket purchase transaction, which provides theatre teams more time to focus on delivering an exceptional experience by engaging with guests, answering questions, providing assistance, and less time selling tickets,” said Mark Garcia, AMC Director of Operation Systems.


“Glory is proud to support AMC as they continue to delight their guests and provide a wonderful theatre experience.” said Siôn Roberts, Executive Vice President for Glory’s Retail Business in the Americas. “We’re pleased that Glory’s cash automation solution is an integral element of their strategy and look forward to working with AMC to build out their network.”

Source: Glory