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“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

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Processing and handling cash is an everyday occurrence in most banking and retail settings and something that may not get a lot of second thought. From accepting transactions to counting and balancing registers, there is a lot of work that goes into processing cash. More recently, cash management processes have been revolutionized with the introduction of automated cash management technology.

When you hear about automating cash management, you may assume that it simply eliminates the need for manual cash handling in your business and doesn’t benefit your business beyond that point. While automating cash management certainly does take over for manual cash processing, it has many other benefits for businesses. Here are five surprising benefits of automating cash management:

1. Improved Customer Service

When a customer conducts a transaction with cash, much of the transaction process involves ensuring that the customer has given the correct amount in payment and that they are given the correct change. Additionally, manual cash handling processes take up a large amount of employee time and resources in the cash room, taking attention away from enhancing the relationship with customers. Automating cash management can take over the processes of transactions and cash processing, leaving your staff the opportunity to make sure that the needs of your customers are met.

2. Increased Employee Retention

With the complications of manual cash handling, employee retention can become an issue. Introducing automated cash management allows your staff to focus on customer service and growing your business rather than processing cash transactions. Employees will experience an efficient and secure work environment rather than one that is fraught with errors and security concerns due to a disorganized or complicated cash management process. Cash management issues such as poor cash flow, internal theft, and accepting counterfeit currency will no longer affect your business once you introduce cash management solutions, such as cash recyclers.

3. Better Security

Many automated cash management machines work simultaneously to perform a cash processing function while also increasing the security of your business. Technology such as currency recyclers, currency sorters, and smart safes can all include counterfeit detection technology that will prevent your company from having to deal with the consequences of counterfeit fraud. Additionally, many cash management machines will act as a safe to protect your cash reserves. Any deposits or withdrawals into these machines must be completed using a personal identification number so that you will know who completed any given transaction. Security is important for any retail business; cash management technology ensures the safety of your business as well as your cash assets.

4. Streamlined Cash Flow

Having the right amount of cash on hand when you need it can be difficult to coordinate. Consistency of cash flow is extremely important for any retail business. You need to have cash to pay bills, vendors, and employees, among other tasks to maintain the daily operations of your business. Cash management solutions give you more freedom to use cash to your advantage in your business by reducing your vault holdings and freeing up cash.

5. Long-Term Savings

Investing in automated cash management, while initially costing your business, provides you with long-term savings by increasing the efficiency of your daily operations. Reductions in labor costs, increased loss-prevention, improved accuracy, and providing a better customer service all serve to increase the profitability of your business. Automating cash management processes gives your business the freedom to operate to its full potential. Finding the right cash management solutions for your business is the first step to improving how your business runs and changing how cash works for you.

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Article Source: Andrea Lombardi