“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

Any business owner can tell you that one of the challenges of handling a large amount of currency is finding a cash management solution that guarantees precision and accuracy every time, decreasing the margin of error and ensuring future success for the business. Cash recycling is often this solution for many. This retail management system is a method used by a number of financial institutions and large retailers. However, it is also beneficial to small businesses and other organizations that are seeking out means of simplifying their cash handling processes.

So what is cash recycling? By definition, it is a method used to accept and dispense cash while storing the large amounts of currency safely. It also works to authenticate denominations of cash, detect any counterfeit items and is able to aptly account for any and all currency within the system.

So what are the benefits of cash recycling? Read on to find out 3 key benefits.

Allows Personnel to Place the Focus Where it Matters
Manually counting money is not only a largely inaccurate method, but it is time consuming and requires your employees to take their time and attention away from customers. Cash recycling allows cashiers to focus on the customer, letting them focus on their needs or even cross-selling if that’s an aspect of your revenue strategy. It may even increase your employees’ productivity.

Cash Recycler Machines Provide Complete and Total Accuracy
Human beings account for most—if not all—of the error when it comes to business transactions. Cash recycling solutions increase the accuracy of transactions by 100%.

Cash Recycling Retail Management Systems Improve and Increase Security Measures
Dealing with large volumes of cash inherently has its risks. When money goes missing or you run into loss prevention issues due to internal theft, robbery, or counterfeiting it is a massive loss to your company and to your livelihood. Cash recyclers increase security because they also double as cash vaults. This allows you to store your money while restricting access to only users that are authorized, as well as authenticating bills.

Source: Andrea Lombardi