“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

There’s a lot of redundancy built into the flow of cash within the branch. It makes
sense because security and accuracy are paramount. But with the aid of advanced
cash recycling technology, you can overcome the redundancy, resource drain and
management oversight required by handling cash. And you can increase security
and accuracy at the same time.

From the time the teller opens the drawer until the money is accurately counted and
in the customer’s hand, a lot of time can pass. With an automated cash recycler, the
whole cash transfer—sorting, validating and counting—happens in just two
minutes. The question of accuracy is virtually eliminated.

With business transactions, the time saved is even more dramatic. Processing
a retail bag manually typically takes 10 minutes, but with an automated cash
recycler, it takes only two minutes. That’s a time savings of 70%.

A cash recycler  replaces the teller drawer so you can
secure all cash within the branch.
Fewer Transactions: The cash recycler takes the
place of the two-drawer system, so tellers no
longer need to move cash from drawer to drawer
throughout the day. Vault buys and sells, which
occupy two tellers at a time, are also reduced. In
addition, cash recycling cuts the risk and expense of cash-in-transit.
Increased Security: Less cash in circulation on the floor means
less risk for cash, employees and customers. Your liability
insurance rate could even go down.
Streamlined Staffing: We’ve seen how cash recycling decreases cash exposure by
reducing intra-branch transactions. Reducing time and resources spent on teller
cash handling, vault buys and sells, and drawer balancing can also streamline your
staffing needs.  In addition, reducing teller FTE headcount reduces costs for training and hiring.

When tellers are relieved of the burden of accuracy in counting, they can turn their
attention to improving the customer experience. Your staff can spend their time
building relationships and upselling and cross-selling products and services.
Implementing cash recyclers can improve existing operational efficiencies and
allow for new branch designs that are more open and customer-centric.
Talk to us about how automatic cash recycling can help your financial institution
achieve its goals. Our deep industry expertise can help you and your staff make
the transition smoothly.

Source: BranchServ