“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!
“SERVICE” – Our Last Name, Our First Priority!

Without efficient management, currency and coin handling and processing represents a significant challenge within gaming operations. This is true for casinos and their retail operations and the impact is felt in terms of customer service, through to staff efficiency and ultimately in profitability.

Some of the top gaming organizations are applying supply chain best practices into their cash processes – ensuring their cash is in the right place securely, quickly and efficiently. This in turn helps build the foundation for an effective ‘Cash Chain’. For some, however, many of their cash processes are still largely manual, slow and insecure. In order to capitalize on the opportunities that optimizing the cash chain can offer, organizations must engage in discussions around the journey, role and processing of their cash. The opportunity to contribute to the bottom line is huge through end-to-end optimization. Savings can come through tangible benefits including reductions in shrinkage, cash counting, cash preparation and cash movement as well as balance sheet improvements by banking the right amount of cash more quickly.

Bankers Equipment Service brings a new dimension to the cash chain with effective cash management in gaming by combining specialized technology and process know-how to optimize the handling of currency and coins. From customer-facing front of house solutions, through to the back office, Bankers Equipment has established an outstanding reputation for both understanding the particular needs of the gaming sector while being able to deliver solutions that transform their efficiency and operating performance.

Bankers Equipment’s solutions have proven significant in the gaming sector with centralized control of cash inventory and optimization of all cash processes throughout a casino venue. Casinos implementing a Bankers Equipment Solution often find payback within 1 to 2 years and experience:

1.      Labor Costs Savings: Reduce the time employees prepare, count, and check wallets/tills. Employees are free to engage in customer service activities.
2.     Elimination of Idle Cash: Cash is no longer sitting idle in food and beverage retail wallets providing significant savings in working capital.
3.     Acceleration of Cash Flow: Move cash from pocket to profit with provisional credit integration.
4.     Reduction in Cash Shrink and Errors: With cash recyclers, counterfeit currency is eliminated while errors and shrink are significantly reduced.

Gaming organizations  continue to turn to Bankers Equipment for innovation, quality, reliability and unique insight, to bring about the new experience in cash management execution.

We bring real innovation to our customers through technology, process and our people. Through innovation, we fundamentally change the way cash moves across operations, how teams work, how customers are engaged and the ways in which businesses connect their cash management systems and processes.

Source: Glory