No question about it, today’s customers enjoy the convenience of online banking services. But that doesn’t mean they are ready to part with the nearest branch of their bank.

After all, that’s where they go to inquire about loans, explore savings options and rent a safe-deposit box. It’s also where they go to meet face-to-face with professionals invested in helping them manage their financial lives. They want eye-contact, their options explained by a real human being and advice they can trust.

The best branch networks — the ones that will prosper years from now — are customer-centric. They are staffing and equipping their operations so that their customer representatives are free to provide advisory services and assistance with, say, financing a new car or refinancing a mortgage. Just as important, the best networks understand that their customers want a banking experience that integrates their online and branch-banking activities. Put simply: Customers have high expectations. They also have options, and they can take their business elsewhere.

Building and sustaining solid customer relationships is made easier with equipment and infrastructure tailored to contemporary business realities. Companies that specialize in transformation solutions — Bankers Equipment Service among them — can empower branch networks to perform efficiently and effectively, not just at the physical premises but also across digital channels.

Savvy branch networks demand industry-leading technology solutions & expert support that ensure seamless operations — everything from assisted-service kiosks and interactive ATMs to self-service coin machines and currency recyclers. Even the most talented staff simply doesn’t have time to troubleshoot equipment failures or clean up messes caused by malfunctions.

With transformational solutions in place, branch networks can allocate their human resources strategically. That means that everyone from tellers to loan officers can spend more time delivering the branded experience that ensures a lasting and mutually satisfying relationship.