Phishing scams remain one of the most prevalent and successful types of cyberattacks today, so being aware of the danger they pose to businesses like yours is extremely crucial. Your business could easily be the next victim if you don’t clearly understand how threat actors leverage phishing emails. In this blog, you’ll learn the intent...
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ransomware and cybersecurity
According to ATM Marketplace, Banks reported that there were more than $1 billion in ransomware payments in 2021, more than double from 2020 and the largest amount ever reported in a year. The Treasury Department collected data that showed the majority of the funds came from attacks connected to Russian hackers. The Treasury said the...
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how to protect your bank and customers from cyber attacks
Digital banking is on the rise, just like all other aspects of society. As more customers take their banking online it offers convenience, but also cybersecurity concerns.  Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small banks and credit unions. Customers are far less likely to trust institutions whose services and products are frequent targets for attacks. Luckily...
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